Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I know what machine is right for us?

A – We supply a vast range of vending machines and it can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. A quick call to our team will enable us to guide you through the process and recommend the machine this fits your requirements.


Q. Do your vending machine accept card payments?

A – Many of our vending machines have the ability to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and the majority of high street credit and debit cards. All machine will accept coin payments. 

If you would like your machine to accept card and contactless payments just let us know. 


Q. Is the machine really free?

A – For sites with over 60 members of staff the Vending machine is completely free of charge.


Q. Do I need to fill the machine myself? Is the machine really free?

A – The majority of our machines are supplied on a fully managed service so we take care of the servicing and replenishment of stock, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to! However, some customers prefer to rent a machine from us, stock up themselves and retain the revenue generated from the machine. It’s entirely up to you.


Q. How often will you fill the vending machine?

A – We will fill as and when required. We can visit sites daily if there is a demand for it.


Q. Do you offer servicing and repairs?

A – We offer servicing and repairs to all types of vending machines whether you got it from us or not. Contact us for a quote.



Q. Will you plumb in our machines?

A – Some of our coffee machines and water coolers are required to be connected to a water supply. We will connect your machine to a 15mm mains water feed. You will need to provide access to this.


Q. How close does the water supply need to be to the machine?

A – The mains water pipe must be no further than 150cm from the machine.


Q. Do we need to provide a power source?

A – Yes, all our vending machines require access to a 13A plug socket.



Q. Will you clean the machine?

A – When you opt for the fully managed service we will clean your machine each time we visit the site to replenish stock.


Q. What if the machine breaks down?

A – If the machine breaks down or has a fault we aim to be out that day to resolve any issues. 9/10 issues are resolved the day they are reported.


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