The New £1 CoinThe New £1 Coin Transition For Vending Machines


We’ve been working harder than ever to update all of our vending machines for the release of the shiny new £1 coin. We want to make sure that every single machine is updated and ready for our customers BEFORE the release date to ensure our customers encounter no problems with the transition. We’ve been lucky enough to have been issued with test coins from the Royal Mint so we can make sure everything is working as it should.

The new £1 coin will be introduced on the 28th of March 2017. The current £1 coin is being replaced for the first time in over thirty years because of its vulnerability to sophisticated counterfeiters.

Approximately one in thirty £1 coins in circulation is a counterfeit.

From the launch of the new £1 coin, the existing £1 coin will begin to be withdrawn from circulation.


Important Dates

28th March:  The 12-sided £1 coin will be released.  Its likely it will take a bit of time to reach your pockets.

28th March – 15th October: Throughout this six month period both coins will be accepted as legal tender. The banks will not release any of the old style coin.

16th October 2017: The Round £1 will no longer be legal tender from this day forward.

We will be accepting both types of coins in our machines for the time being.

Be sure to have exchanged all your £1 coins before October – or pop it into one of our machines for a cheeky bottle of Coca Cola!

If you would like details on upgrading your own machine please get in touch at Here

If you would like to read further into key dates and where you can swap your coins click Here

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